Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Shoes!

Wondering when to get your little one his first pair of shoes? Experts recommend putting shoes on little feet as soon as the toddler can walk on his own. When purchasing the first pair of shoes, keep in mind these tips: soles should be flat to aid in balance, soft soled allow for flexibility and comfort, and have traction to limit slips and falls. One popular brand locally-made, Robeez, was actually designed by a young mother herself. These shoes come in many fun colors and designs! Keep in mind that barefoot time is still needed, since little feet must have the time to grow naturally and not be confined by shoes. And the muscles of the foot can actually gain more strength without the aid of a shoe! Nothing beats the feeling of running through cool grass on a summer day!

Baby Shoes!

Wondering when to put the first pair of shoes on your toddler? Most experts recommend around the time your little one starts to walk on his own. Shoes can protect little feet from all sorts of hazards such as germs, sharp objects or stubbing toes. When looking for the first pair of shoes, keep in mind that soles should be flat to aid in balance, soft soled to maintain flexibility and comfort for the foot, and soles should have traction so slipping is limited. Robeez shoes are quite popular for babies, and were designed by a young mother herself, and are also made locally in Vancouver. Despite warnings, going barefoot is still appropriate around the home so that the foot can grow naturally without the confinement of a shoe. Going barefoot also allows the muscles of the foot to gain strength faster than with a shoe.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Shoes

Wondering about when to put the first pair of shoes on your toddler's feet? The simple answer is when your toddler begins to walk. Shoes will protect your child's feet from many hurts and germs as he begins to cover more ground. When selecting the first pair of shoes, keep in mind a few key points: shoes should be flat to aid in balance, soft soled for comfort and flexibility and have some sort of traction to limit slips and slides as baby learns to walk. Going barefoot is still recommended around home since this allows the foot muscles to develop and the foot to grow naturally without confinement. Robeez are a popular brand of infant shoes which were designed by a young Canadian mother and are even made locally in Vancouver.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Olympic Torch in Langley

Looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy the 2010 Olympics? Why not take your kids down to see the Olympic torch when it travels across Langley on February 8th! The torch first arrives in Langley via the new Golden Ears Bridge at 8:52am and travels through Walnut Grove and then over to Fort Langley. Fort Langley National Historic Site will be open and sponsoring free activities all day long in honor of the torch's arrival! Next the flame will be spotted in Aldergrove, and then ending up at the Langley Event Centre at noon where the torch will be officially lit. From 1-5pm, a Torch Festival with activities and entertainment for kids will take place at the Langley Event Centre. Be sure to wear your red and whites in support of our Canadian athletes!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Langley Kid's Activities

Looking for a kids' activity in the Langley area? Check out the Walnut Grove Community Centre for Tot Romp! This is a drop-in activity, meaning you don't have to commit to the same time slot every week but just show up if your child needs an outlet! Tons of balls, mats, climbing equipment as well as lots of new little friends to meet! Each session ends with a sing along around the parachute! Chances are your little one will be tuckered out after this activity and enjoy a good nap afterwards! This activity is geared for children 9 months up to 5 years! It runs Tuesdays (10:30am-12pm) , Wednesdays (6pm-7:30pm) and Thursdays (9:30am-11am) til March 4th. Walnut Grove Community Centre is located at 8889 Walnut Grove Drive, phone number: 604-882-0408.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our New Langley Address In January

Exciting News! our new Baby & Childrens Photography Studio is now located in Langley!
Langley Baby Photography 3772 - 201 Street Langley, BC Canada ,V3A 1P2 (604) 808-7752

We will be announcing our Studio hours and new Backgrounds in January

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 25 Most Popular baby Names For 2009

Top 25 Most Popular Baby Names for 2009
Here are the 25 most popular baby names for girls and boys. These baby name lists base popularity rankings on a single spelling of a name (Sophia and Sofia, for example, are considered two different names).

Male Female
1 Ethan Isabella
2 Noah Emma
3 Jacob Olivia
4 Aiden Ava
5 Logan Sophia
6 Jackson Madison
7 Jack Chloe
8 Ryan Abigail
9 Matthew Addison
10 Jayden Emily
11 Joshua Ella
12 Liam Lily
13 Tyler Mia
14 Benjamin Alexis
15 Gavin Grace
16 Michael Avery
17 Nathan Samantha
18 Alexander Elizabeth
19 William Hannah
20 Dylan Taylor
21 Luke Natalie
22 Mason Alyssa
23 Evan Sarah
24 Lucas Riley
25 Caleb Anna

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Holiday Portrait Background

Toybox Studio Welcomes you to the Holiday Season!

The New Whimsical Holiday Backgrounds and Capes have arrived! Yes, it is that time of year again… and all portrait sessions taken before November 30 will be ready in time for Christmas. We have a new winter backgrounds to choose from... we've got festive red capes to go with or dress your children in their fun snow suits, colourful hats, scarves and mitts or special sweaters.

Much care and thought goes into every background and they have all been designed to be timeless so that you never tire of them. Our backgrounds emphasis the light on your child and for their expressions to draw you into their portrait. Our patient photographers are here to help you find the perfect background for you and your child and to discuss all your clothing options.

Holiday Special - extra 4x5s are perfect for sending to all your family and friends.Add extra 4x5s to any portrait package, set of twenty for $25, thirty for $33, or forty for $40